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All employees must arrive on time and dressed in appropriate attire (uniform provided by the company)

No alcohol or drug consumption while on the job

All employees must follow proper safety protocols while on the job

All employees must maintain a professional attitude and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times

Employees are required to use the cleaning supplies and equipment provided by the company

Employees are responsible for ensuring that all cleaning tasks are completed to the best of their ability and to the satisfaction of the client

Any damages caused by an employee while on the job must be reported immediately to the supervisor

Any theft or misuse of equipment or supplies will result in termination

Any harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated and will result in termination

All employees are required to adhere to the company's confidentiality policy and not to disclose any information about clients or their properties

All employees are required to complete all necessary training provided by the company and to continue their education in their field

All employees are required to be honest and trustworthy with their clients, and to report any issues or concerns to the supervisor.

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