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Lanai Makeovers

Delight your guests with a stylish and functional lanai! (or open-air porch, deck, balcony, pergola, gazebo or patio) Furnished for coziness and all the comforts that create an ideal outdoor living space.
We work with your HOA or AOAO house rules.


Add ons-

  • Patio furniture

  • Tables

  • Tropical flair

  • Firepit

  • Media/stereo equipment

  • Lighting

  • Planters & Accessories

  • Storage

Get started!

Go pre-owned

Concerned about wear and tear? We highly recommend using quality, low cost, pre-owned items for your Hawaiian lanai or outdoor space. It relieves angst for those who  enjoy their staged lanai, year round, which guests prefer! 

Manufactured, refurbished & custom-made

  • Lanai Seat Cushions

  • Chair Slip Seats & Bar Stool 

  • Bed Runners

  • Lanai and Couch Pillows


Do you need a pop of color in your condo? Want to stand out from the rest? Bring in new or recover your cushions. We can custom make your lanai furniture cushions.


Choose fabrics from the gallery below. Locally sourced and purchased. Weather/stain resistant and weather proof.

Custom cushions

"Renee knocked this out of the box! I had a limited budget and 4 guests due in within 24 hours. We came home from the airport and I couldn't believe how put together my lanai was!


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