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Tune-up...catching the small fixes!

Scratches, dings, mildew, loose screws, worn, broken or missing inventory, go hand in hand with popular Maui short term vacation rentals. Or perhaps the challenge is that your condo needs an infusion of style and color...we handle all of that! Managers, housekeepers and maintenance crew all have a lane they work in...they know your units decor issues and scars, and that's where a Vacation Rental Tune-up collaboration comes in. We work your running list, but also use our keen eye to detect the small, subtle details they may not see, but guests seem to catch!  

Our bi-yearly tune-up shines up the decor, refreshes the inventory and tends to the small, needed repairs. We make sure the layout aligns with the units promotional photos or can refer a photographer to show off your new design layout. Although there is cleaning involved with any tune-up, we also have a VRT Deep Clean option. Get started!

Replace missing, broken or dated inventory 

Quick turnarounds and high volume of luggage traffic, mean lots of wear and tear to your prized investment. Add Maui's tropical climate and the effects of salt air corrosion to the equation, and items simply do not last as long. Reviews matter, and our goal is to help keep your rental property in tip top shape, while also giving you a stunning slice of heaven to come back to again and again!  We source it, inspect it, assemble and arrange delivery! If it's out of our lane, we source vendors. Here's a listing of items we typically replace...

  • Batteries and light bulbs (replaced with every tune-up)

  • Worn Furniture (review downer. If it looks aged and beat up, refurbish or replace it!)

  • Lamps and lighting (different lighting elicits a different vibe)

  • Beds (so much usage...)

  • Wall art (are your pictures the right scale for the wall size?)

  • Air conditioners (high usage means corrosion and mold)

  • Curtains and shades (guests love a blackout option) 

  • Shower Liners (swapped out with every Tune-up)

  • Throw rugs ( add comfort and color to any room)

  • Decor accessories (the accessories make a house feel like a home)

  • Hangers & ironing equipment (yes, your iron is getting dropped on the regular!!)

  • Small kitchen appliances (high usage means frequent replacement)

  • Lanai cushions (cozy up your outdoor space.)

  • Pillows & bed runners (Imagine a different head, every night. Replace!!)

  • Televisions (climate damage to electronics) 

  • Flatware, dishes & cookware kitchen utensils ( left at the beach? The neighbors?)

  • Booster seats and highchairs (this is a lovely and unexpected addition for your guests)

  • Beach chairs and towels, sand toys, coolers, board games (thoughtful addition for fun)

Get started!

Redesign | Staging 

A survey of Maui vacationers' reviews, found the statement "Loved our stay, but the condo was outdated" over and over again. Maui's condo boom happened in the 70's & 80's, and some still have the original furnishings and theme. Vacation Rental Tune-up is the answer! Working together, we add fresh eyes and a designer touch to your preferences. 

  • We can rearrange existing furniture to make sure you have the best layout for functionality, and to create a space that all families can enjoy.


  • Some of the top artists and creatives in the world reside on Maui. We have built relationships to acquire stunning, yet affordable pieces.

  • Lanai's - Maximize your property's square footage and delight your guests with a stylish and relaxing outdoor living space. The importance of offering your guests a comfortable place to enjoy a cup of coffee or the chance to take in a spectacular Maui sunrise or sunset, shouldn't be underestimated. 

New Short Term Rental Staging - Are you transitioning your personal home into a vacation rental? We help to make sure your space is appealing and sufficiently stocked for your guests. We declutter, re-display, and make sure to set your unit apart from the rest. 

Get started!

Redesign Staging
Inventory Replacement
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