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Fast | Fabulous | Affordable

We shine what you have, 
and bring in what you need!


We shop new items or save on quality, pre-owned furnishing and home goods.

| From concept to completion. Learn More

Increase Bookings and 5 Star Reviews!
Team Work makes the Dream Work!

| First we check the reviews - what are your guests saying?
| We schedule a walk through with either
property owners, management or housekeeping staff.
| Our tune-up assessment includes decor upgrades and maintenance tasks, down to the smallest details! Learn More

Book your Free Assessment

| Start with our tune-up form or call 808.999.9209
| Let's connect and plan! (share photos or video virtually)
| Schedule an on site, 30-minute walk-through.

Get started!

Put Us on your Calendar!

| We get it...there's not a great deal of time between back-to-back reservations, so our tune-up adjusts with your busy calendar!

| Choose our 4-hour or 8-hour tune-up, or a custom package. 

| No binding contracts or obligations! Get started!

VR Tune-up
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